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       Suzhou Hengwei Environment Control Technology Co. Ltd (HW Environment Control )is a professional company specially providing the air clean system engineering from design, fabrication, installation and testing of the whole system. On the foundation in combination a rigorous and skilful design with thorough mastery of construction technology, as well as with the excellent relationship And powerful support of the well-known design institutes and construction erection companies, HW has the full ability based on the concept of “quality guarantee ,reputation core,innovation life,service essence ” to meet the requirements of the foreign investment enterprises and to conform with the demands of international standards and codes. The company has contracted many air clean projects, including design and construction ,trusted by famous enterprises both invested by domestic and foreign companies. Oversea market is also developed well as a lot of good projects done in Iraq,Syria,Jordan etc. Customers are involved in        electronics, semi-conductor, aerospace, Pharmaceuticals, foods, hospital, Precision instrument etc, and HW is becoming customers favorite and reliable company in Chinese clean engineering system.
       HW is a company full of motivation, activity and creativity . the company is built by a team of senior engineers, engineers,assistant engineers ,technicians for profession and site management. and the team hasthe spirit of carefulness and unity, sincerity and credibility. 
       Unity, love, reputation, commitment is our team spirit.

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